Sushiber | Japanese Food

Really, what is Sushiber? What does it mean? Why does it exist?

To understand our proposal, we must put them in context; Sushiber was born from the relationship that emerged in a cozy sushi bar. This was part of an original gastronomic offer presented in Dénia, where you could enjoy a different and very personal experience. In this imported Japanese corner, many friendships emerged; one of them was that of our two protagonists, the creators of the Sushiber relationship. From this friendship relationship was born the idea of ​​creating a space where our future clients could travel to Japan through all their senses. We achieve all this thanks to the great variety of Japanese dishes with a Mediterranean and creative touch that we offer.

On March 10, 2018 the Sushiber restaurant located in the heart of Dénia, next to the Glorieta, opened its doors.

After a year of opening its first restaurant, in March 2019, La Taberna de Sushiber will open in the gastronomic space "Els Magazinos" near the Port, introducing the concept of Izakaya in Denia. But what does it mean? the izakayas are bars where the Japanese go after long hours of work. Everyone finds something to their liking in the wide variety of dishes that they offer; fish, meat, salad, soup, sushi ... Always served in small quantities, as tapas, to accompany beer, sake and wine.

After a tough start to the COVID Pandemic, we had to close our first restaurant in Carrer Pare Pere, where our journey began. And when we were going through our worst moment and with the quarantine in between, you have supported us like never before, you have come to enjoy our sushi at home, sent a lot of encouragement and you visited us in the Magazinos when the restrictions allowed us.

After having passed the state of alarm, full of restrictions and ceasing the development of the activity, we want to thank you for all the support received.

For this reason, we have wanted to return all the affection received in our new place, open on August 4, 2021 at Paseo Saladar 34 in Denia. With an intimate place, urban soul and touches of Japanese culture in every corner. You will find preparations of Japanese gastronomy based on the most classic and traditional dishes, but with flavors that you will not find anywhere else.

We focus on the combination of flavors, the contrast and the exoticism of oriental spices to offer you a different experience, because our sushi is authentic and unique.

At Sushiber we continue to expand our reach radius (you can now requestSushi at hometo Gandia, through our routes) so that you can enjoy our menu without leaving home with the same freshness. You can easily place your order through our website and enjoy it wherever you want.

You dare?